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Access Control System PhoenixGone are the days when a lock on the door and a key in hand were the best bet for security through locking systems. In these systems, anyone with the key used to get access. If keys are lost, then the locks were to be replaced as the only solution. Otherwise, duplicate keys were to be made, but the risk of the lost key falling in wrong hands was always there. In these old systems, if there were large no of locks then the user was supposed to carry the whole key pack.

But now these days locksmiths have ensured most modern Access Control Systems are available. These are physical or electronic systems designed to control access to a place or property. In these physical accesses control systems, mechanical locking devices are integrated with the electronic devices. These mainly have one mechanical lock operated by a drive which is magnet, solenoid or a motor. The drive is operated by a specified signal which is captured by a suitable access control system. The access control system may be operated with a swipe card, through biometrics or a RFID key. A swipe card is most normally used in operation of the Access Control Systems. In such devices, there is one card in which the required data is pre-fed. And a card reader is installed on
the door. The matching data of card is uploaded on card reader also.

Here Is How A Remote Control Operated Or Access Control Operated Door Can Help You:

a. Increase safety and security. Keep a tab on unwanted and uninvited visitors.

b. Access the full control over who enters and exits your premises.

c. Secure workers, guests, familiars and confidential information. Ease the administration.

d. Low running and maintenance cost.

e. In commercial applications, it reduces time-sheet procedures. One can also integrate these systems with HR systems; it will facilitate thorough observation and data management.

f. With surveillance camera systems increase security in certain areas of the property.

Our Locksmith offers a wide range of other facilities and equipment concerning control systems to protect your investments and assets.

Below Is A Review Of Our Most Popular Control Systems:

Access Control Systems Keypad Code Entry

Keyless Door LockMost common and effective type of control unit is keypad systems. It consists of a terminal with a set of numbered buttons. The door can be connected with lock release mechanism through a control unit incorporated into the protected zone. Entrant needs to enter a confidential code number which can be accommodated as an individual unit or can be integrated into an Intercom.

Access Control Proximity Fobs Or Cards:

The merit of this technique over the magnetic swap cards is that the card needs not to be in bodily contact with the card reader. Just hold it at 100mm distance and let the reader do its job. It is more reliable, durable and user-friendly.

Access Control Biometric Readers:

FingerprintThis technology takes the measures of safety to the highest level. Here geometric patterns of the user such as retina, hand, and fingerprint work as the password.

Now, even in the town, these state of the art access control systems are provided by Locksmith. Many reputed banks, business houses, government building, jewelry shops have gone for such access control locking systems. Not only supply and installation but emergency locksmith is also undertaking 24×7 maintenance of these access control systems. They have tied up with reputed
hardware suppliers to ensure that the best systems are installed at your premises.

Top Access Control Systems

Protection 1
Tyco Integrated Security
IDenticard Systems
Stanley Security
Vanderbilt Industries


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I was unaware of ACS until I did some reading. These guys hooked me up and I couldn't be happier.

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Quick fast and painless!

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Too many times I've called on a service and they were complete bunk. NOT this time! Thank you guys for restoring my faith!

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Install went great. Quick and painless.

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I wish I could give 6 stars

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Wish I had known about ACS years ago! Anyways, these guys came, they saw, they conquered. Great installation!

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These guys installed an Access Control System on our office building and it's pretty darn cool. Safe and secure!

by PB on Access Control Systems - Phoenix Locksmith Pros
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There are many advantages of having Access control on your business. I now feel much more secure with my ACS and I have these guys to thank!

by Aaron Wadsworth on Access Control Systems - Phoenix Locksmith Pros
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Installed, explained, out the door. All this in an hour. Big fan!

by Elijah J. on Access Control Systems - Phoenix Locksmith Pros
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Called these guys inquiring on installing an ACS on my business and they were very helpful, vocal, and answered all the questions I had. I hired them on the spot and they installed my ACS beautifully with no issues, and fast too! I will definitely hire them again.

by Phillip Mann on Access Control Systems - Phoenix Locksmith Pros
Great service
City: Phoenix

These fellas came after I called about having an issue with my control panel. They showed up that day and got me straightened out.

by Malayla Marcos on Access Control Systems - Phoenix Locksmith Pros
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My boss put me in charge of finding someone to install an access control system on our company building. I called around to multiple businesses before finding these gentlemen. They were very well priced, had great recommendations and to boot, got the job done perfectly and in next to no time. I think it's worth adding that I even got a raise after all was said and done. Thank you Phoenix Locksmith Pros!

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Called a few places looking to get Access Control installed on my building. These guys had the best quote for quality systems. They arrived when they said, got the job done without a hitch and I couldn't be happier. I will recommend Phoenix Locksmith Pros to anyone needing quality locksmith services.

by Robert L. on Access Control Systems - Phoenix Locksmith Pros
Professional bunch
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I found myself a winner by finding these guys. I just happened to be scrolling the internet looking for exit device services when I learned about Access Control. Next thing I knew, I was hiring these guys to come install this high tech system on my business. If you're in need of high security services, these guys are the answer.

by Colin on Access Control Systems - Phoenix Locksmith Pros
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When in doubt, call these guys! They talked me through all the pros of having an Access Control system and weeks later, I'm still impressed. Highly recommend.

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An unbelievable service. Hooked up my company and were in and out. I highly recommend.

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